A message from our friends at Mauro Molino Winery:


As you probably can imagine the harvest has finally started.  September is an extremely busy period for us because we will dedicate all our energy to collect the majority of our grapes.

We have started last week with the Arneis and Chardonnay and Dolcetto and then, we will go on with Barbera and finally Nebbiolo in the following weeks.  The last grape variety will be the Nebbiolo for the production of Barolo usually starting from the vineyard of Gallinotto and finishing with La Serra.  


Vintage 2018

We can say that vintage 2018 has gone back to the ordinary past harvests, both in terms of quality and yields. 
Very different form 2017, which will be remembered for its hot and dry climate, this year was characterized by extremely hot days alternated by strong rains that have created a good humidity. 
Since grapes are big and safe, we are expecting another great vintage!  We will have some more news in the following months, when the fermentation will finish and we will have the new wines.  

Tatum Dodd