Congratulazioni to Danny Lynn for being our Italian Wine Getaway winner! Danny and his wife, Tammy, will be spending 5 nights in Italy courtesy of Ciao! We would like to thank Danny and all our guests for making 2018 a remarkable year for Ciao! They will be learning the story behind the wines we serve at Ciao with VIP winery tours and discovering the true essence of the country .

Make sure to check back here for updates and glimpses into the Lynn’s trip across the pond.

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How To Enter!

This year Italy, tomorrow the world! We have already begun filling up the bowl for next year's Wine Getaway! To enter, simply purchase a bottle of wine from our menu. Then, write your name and phone number on the cork and place in the bowl. We will announce our 2020 destination this Spring, so stay tuned!


Trip Includes:

  • Round Trip Airfare for Two

  • 5 Nights Lodging

  • VIP Winery Tours

*You can increase your stay beyond 5 nights, if you wish to stay longer.